Much more for big and small hotel businesses

Innovative special solution for childcare in hotels

  • Bands with QR codes for children in different colors with the logo/design of the hotel
  • The hotel personnel is supported in the oHA Base administration interface by scanning the bands that children wear in childcare
  • Connectivity of QR code scanners for easy registration and de-registration of children in childcare
  • Quick registration of newly arrived children with information about their stay, unit/room number, date of birth, phone number, etc.
  • Management and noting of additional information about children, such as allergies, (non)swimmers, self-leaving of childcare
  • Age grouping of children (e.g., Minis from 2-6 years and Maxis from 7 to 13 years)
  • Generation of PDF documents for parent/guardian to sign
  • Statistics about childcare

E-car sharing for sustainable mobility

  • Rental of e-cars for guests
  • Extensive and individual regulation


  • One guest can borrow an e-car only once per stay - for a maximum of one whole day.
  • However, an e-car can always be rented after 6 p.m. for a maximum of half a day on the following day - if it is still available
  • The setting of the point system: points are charged per day and required for the e-car rental (a rental expends a certain number of points)