oHA - your guest service and information system

Regardless of whether bookings, activities (events, points of interest, tours, ...), communication with your guests, GPS, daily post, weather, smart home or statistics about your guest behaviour, with oHA everything is possible.

Progressive Web App

We cover the whole guest journey

Activities display based on guests' location

Inclusion in existing website

Offline available

Smart Home

Comprising back office solution


Digital guest map

How does oHA work?

oHA is multilingual and works without any installation of an app. Furthermore, oHA can be easily integrated into your hotel wifi using a so-called "Marketing routing". As soon as your guests open oHA for the first time, it is available also in the offline mode.

Strictly speaking, oHA creates a new and innovative way to communicate with your guests.

With our reservation and booking system, your guests can easily book their desired activities

(for example breakfast or car-sharing).

Additionally, with oHA you can offer your guests a variety of suggestions concerning POIs, restaurants, and events. Through the data of ÖW API (including Feratel and Outdooractive) and the oHA database, your guests gain an ideal overview above all existing offers. The hotel program is displayed primarily. The live GPS navigation mode, including map view, makes navigating your guests easy. Furthermore, oHA offers live gauges of actual speed, elevation, position, and movement direction.

Due to the huge offer of activities, your guests need a smart way to search for the perfect activity - based on their time availability, location, and preferences. Therefore we have developed a search - using artificial intelligence and semantic technologies -  which considers over 220.000 synonyms/ words in german and English and over 80.000 hierarchies of words.

Our numerous statistics give you the opportunity to get to know your guests even better and to significantly strengthen your customer relationships.

With our Smart Home solution, you can offer your guests the opportunity to pre-heat the sauna on the slopes.

Further functions

  • Information management

  • Tour management

  • Reservations for external contractors

  • PDF Upload

  • Itinerary planning for your guests through saving activities/Tours along a tour

  • Editorial contributions

  • Creation of individual favorites of your guests

  • Activity management

  • Contingent administration

  • DSGVO conform

  • Product updates included

  • Individual design

  • Sharing of activities with oHA businesses

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