From the customer and warehouse management to automatic accounting

"Kento combines all functions which are required for a simplified operating procedure."

The uncomplicated surface guides you successfully through your daily business!

Using Kento, you can always keep track of your business. You can find the net profit for every business case at the click of a button.

In the contact list, you can find previous payment transactions, as well as all customer and supplier-related information at a glance.

Thanks to the integrated GPS function, Kento always knows where you are and shows you the customers in your area.

Both accounting and warehouse management will be done automatically in the background.

Would you like to make a partial payment? No problem! with Kento, any number of installments can be created for each invoice.

Using barcodes, you will be forwarded to your requested business case immediately, without the hassle of searching.

The all-round solution for your daily business

Review of turnover, income, and profit at any time

Additional functions of Kento​


  • Recent activities and upcoming orders in your personal newsfeed

  • Various statistics (e.g. how fast a customer pays on average)

  • Simple creation of new customer feeds through UID

  • All payments are automatically reported to the finance authority

  • And much more

You have even more functions in your mind that you would like to add to your Kento?

No big deal for us! We can easily implement them into the system.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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