oHA does it fully automatically for you!

With oHA, tourists have access to all the information and services of the regions that are optimally adapted to their preferences, location or timetable.

Only in Austria, you can find around 80.000 data from regional databases.

In order to retrieve tourist activities out of the world wide web, we have developed "SWIS". This service rehashes those activities with opening hours, GPS locations and weather forecasts (for Austria around 220.000 activities, filtered from multi-million data sets).


during the stay


With oHA, your guests can make bookings, and are daily provided with all information and individual services (such as live navigation) based on their location.

With the web app oHA you can easily provide your guests with daily information and individual services

oHA and LuxActive in 2 minutes ...

Through detailed statistics of the guest's behavior along the customer journey, we increase your turnover as well as the number of your regular customers through targeted additional services.

We collect more than 120 million data sets per server and per day, which we process touristically, using artificial intelligence (like points of interest, tours, gastronomy, events or accommodations).

Our customers can always decide, what or how something is displayed on their oHA, through the web tool "oHA Base". After construction, it works fully automatic and all data are updated daily.

oHA available in every location 

The entire software solution is device- and platform-independent. This means that you can offer your guests the exclusive "oHA" service on their smartphone, tablets or notebooks. Loaded once, all information is available offline for your guests.

Besides, with our so-called "oHA Box", we offer a complete solution, which can be easily integrated into an existing infrastructure (e.g. public WiFi).


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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