oHA Box, the enterprise guest WLAN marketing solution


Doen't matter if hospitality unit, tourist association, restaurant, community or any other public provider with public WiFi- with the oHA Box you can match your existing WLAN individually with your operational needs. 

What is important for you?


  • More safety for your business?

  • Marketing in order to increase your profits?

  • higher speed?

  • control over access data for your guests?


We get you the best solution for your business. 

The oHA Box can be appointed in every business with guest WiFi. The installation is possible without any know-how and within 5 minutes. 


How to get our oHA Box for your guest WLAN:


step 1:

you contact us and we consult you about your optimal solution.


step 2:

we configure and deliver your individual oHA Box.

step 3:

You just stick the oHA Box behind your modem. You don't need a new WLAN infrastructure.

Die oHA Box kann in jedem Betrieb mit Gäste WLAN eingesetzt werden. Die Installation ist so einfach, dass sie schon in 5 Minuten und ohne Fachpersonal möglich ist!



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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