Energy Community for Southern Burgenland inclusive local energy monitoring

LuxActive working, within the H2020-AURORAL project, on implementing and establishing local energy communities in the Southern Burgenland region. This creates the unique opportunity to use local self-generated energy jointly in the region and to enable a decentralized energy transition in local communities!

Resource: smartburgenland.at
Resource: smartburgenland.at

For local energy producers

A complete service portfolio for energy communities!

  • Local energy producers can monitor their energy production and consumption
  • Their personal energy data are visualized in a web app/app, and statistics on energy consumption are provided automatically
  • A local marketplace for energy production, including billing of the produced and consumed energy in an energy community
  • Profiles of energy producers are analyzed with artificial intelligence
  • The profiles of local energy producers and/or energy consumers are analyzed using a matchmaking algorithm, which allows the acquisition of new potential members of an energy community based on their profile

Benefits for a regions

  • Savings on energy costs
  • Monitoring of own energy data
  • Collective use of self-generated energy
  • Increasing regional economic value
  • Participation in the energy transition
  • Independence from central energy systems
  • Statistics to a better understanding of regional energy consumption
  • Regional and transparent energy market development
  • National or European funding grands