Mobility software solutions

Mobility services such as e-car sharing, e-bike sharing, or shuttle service can now be digitally booked with our mobility software solutions. We also provide the fleet management system for regional taxi and shuttle operators and support the daily operative processes with integrated digital roadmaps. With our digital platform and web app, we also offer a digital booking system for e-mobility services. This includes an automatic digital rental system for e-cars, e-bikes, or fun vehicles with flexible contingents, settings, and a management system. The operator, drivers, and users also have different dashboards to cover individual processes and their requirements. In addition, our portfolio also includes the digital outdoor guiding system for tourists and citizens of the region with hidden POIs for interactive hiking tours.

  • Digital fleet management with setable contingents and regulations
  • Booking and management interface for mobility services and operators
  • AI-supported route planning with selectable return rides
  • Custom tablet view for drivers and end-user interface in the form of the web app
  • Separate access for operators/drivers/third parties with configurable permissions
  • Story-telling and outdoor guiding system for interactive hiking tours
  • Digital shuttle bus app and route planner for local events