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Simplify your complex operative processes with our software solutions, tailored to your sector and business. The LuxActive team supports you with more than 10 years of experience in digitalization and the development of innovative software solutions, focusing on AI and process digitization. With your ideas and our solutions, we develop efficient operational processes and improve the customer journey of your client. Thereby, the digital platform and web app oHA is a powerful and flexible tool to offer your complex services in your individual design.

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We support you with our services during your whole project or by specific project processes. Our goal is to realize your ideas and to make your project a success.

Elaboration of a requirements analysis for your project with a free project sketch

Consulting on the identification of the optimal software and hardware providers for the implementation of complex solutions

Funding support from national and international grant programs

Overall project management with time and budget plan

Programming of individual software solutions based on AI/ML technologies

Support, extension and improvement of existing systems

Our partners and developments in Europe

The benefits you get with us

And much more

  • Increase customer satisfaction with your services
  • Support your employees with innovative work processes 
  • Maximize your operational efficiency and sales
  • Decrease costs and resources

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oHA, a baseline for many software projects

The initial tourism digital platform and web app oHA has become to an extensive flexible platform that can be today used for a variety of sectors and enables the individual design of the application. Many functions and services can be provided with the web app builder and without any programming skills. Also, special solutions can be easily integrated.

Web App oHA

One web app with endless possibilities


  • Available as White Label Solution, customizable to your corporate design (corporate logo, color scheme and own web fonts)
  • Multilingual dashboards
  • Request/reservation/booking/payment of products and services with direct online payment
  • CMS (Content Management System) for the web app oHA
  • Statistics and automated evaluations
  • Integratable Smart Home elements
  • Connectivity to existing databases and systems
  • Coverage of various individual processes such as car-sharing platforms or guest card systems via API and widgets
  • GPS navigation for tours and to POIs

Web App Builder and Content Management Software (CMS)

With the >>Design Editor<< in oHA Base you can easily design your own web app completely free and without programming skills.

  • Colors and colour scheme
  • Corporate logo
  • Own web fonts
  • Pictograms
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Buttons
  • Texts
  • Activities
  • News
  • Channels for bookable offers, tours, information etc.
  • Layout
  • Header/Footer
  • and much more

can be easily configured. The elements are immediately visible in your web app and the new design and can be created and tested in seconds.

Case Study - oHA for Woodridge Luxury Chalets

What we offer

We are a team of experts who offer a range of services in various domains. You can learn more about our services and fields of experience here.

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