About H2020-AURORAL Project

Architecture for Unified Regional and Open digital ecosystems for Smart Communities and Rural Areas Large scale application

AURORAL focuses on improving connectivity and providing a digital environment with smart objects and interoperable service platforms that can kick-start dynamic rural ecosystems with innovation chains, applications and services. In this way, AURORAL contributes to increasing economic growth and job creation in rural areas, as well as addressing significant societal challenges, bridging the digital divide between rural and urban areas and unlocking the potential arising from improved connectivity and digitalisation of rural areas. AURORAL's digital environment is demonstrated through cost-effective and flexible cross-sector applications, where also belongs oHA, in large-scale pilot projects in five European regions. It is built on an open, API-based, interoperable and federated Internet-of-Things (IoT) architecture and includes a reference implementation that supports the flexible integration of heterogeneous services, bridges the interoperability gap of smart object platforms and creates markets for services in rural areas.

Source and more information also at auroral.eu

Pilots of the H2020-AURORAL Project

  • Lapland (Finland)
  • Piedmont (Italy)
  • Penedès (Catalonia - Spain)
  • Västerbotten (Sweden)
  • Hålogaland (Norway), Tourism sector, oHA Digital Platform with Web-App integrated
  • Hålogaland (Norway), Health sector
  • Southern Burgenland (Austria), oHA Digital Platform with Web-App integrated
  • Alentejo (Portugal), oHA Digital Platform with Web-App integrated

You can find more information about the pilots here

AURORAL Project presented at the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona 2022

Project coordinator Marcos Nogueira represented and introduced the AURORAL project at the session about Digital Twins at the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona 2022. This session was organized by European Commission.

Interoperability with oHA Digital Platform in H2020-AUROAL

The platform oHA is a digital guest/user serviceinformation and booking system for tourists and end-users which is accessible as a white label solution for tourist service providers, local businesses or municipalities. oHA enables to built smart communities and digital marketplaces in different sectors, such as:

  • Tourism
  • E-Mobility
  • Public Sector
  • Energy

With oHA, tourism companies, regions or local providers can easily serve their guests and users with relevant information and digital services on a daily basis! With oHA, many local businesses are bookable for tourists and residents. In public sector, municipalities can offer different services like bookable appointments or annual passes. Both, tourists and residents can book and inform about e-cars, e-bikes and shuttle services. Energy communities are promoted. Monitoring of energy consumption and usage statistics is provided.


But oHA offers much more services for each of these sectors, where some of them are listed below.


With oHA a variety of services for every user and sector

  • Reservation, booking, rental of services, activities and products
  • Bookable appointments or annual passes from an virtual municipality office
  • Online payment with coupons and discounts
  • Digital outdoor guiding system based on the geolocation of the user
  • Story telling tours with hidden multimedia based on the geolocation of users
  • Marketplace for local providers with different commission models
  • Rental and booking of e-cars and e-bikes
  • Shuttle service with fleet management
  • Visualization of energy services like produces or consumed energy
  • AI supported search and map view for services, activities, events and products
  • Visualization of location based content
  • GPS navigation to content with geo locations
  • GPS navigation of bike-, hike tours and walking trails 
  • Push notification with PDF news
  • Time planning with calendar view of upcoming events or bookables
  • News and updates of the region
  • Weather forecast
  • Room control
  • Child care support for accommodations
  • Design editor containing a Web-App builder
  • GDPR compliant and anonymous user statistics
  • White label
  • Open through APIs or different widgets


Benefits for oHA providers

  • oHA as a white label solution is suitable for providers from different sectors, such as municipalities, regions, local, mobility, or tourism providers.
  • oHA provides comprehensive information regarding the entire customer journey with touchpoints of their users and potential customers. Event logs from oHA and environmental data like sensor data are collected. Statistics and automated evaluations are then generated on these data. Methods like process mining and machine learning are used to analyze the user behavior with the goal to improve digital services in a whole region across many domains. 
  • With the Design Editor in oHA Base, the administration tool for oHA, you can easily design your own Web-App. These does not request any developing skills or experiences. You can always see immediately how oHA Web-App actually looks and you can create or test a new design in seconds (e.g., colors, icons, videos, pictures, header/footer, news, dashboard etc.)
  • Managing of the bookings is easy and well-arranged. oHA providers can, for example, define the contingents, available capacities, and time-slots for their bookings, based on the individual booking processes. Nearly all possible complex order processes can be covered with oHA.
  • Digitized and automated processes prevent and eliminate mistakes and problems by bookings/rentals/reservations on both sides, i.e., end-users and providers.
  • Interaction with end-users in the form of the push-notifications or news is possible any time. You can immediately inform your users about special offers, discounts, hazard warnings, cancellation of events, or publish the flyers. For instance, in this way, municipalities can also communicate with their residents and offer a high-level e-governance service.
  • The Widget generator for own or external websites enables indirect sales also from external suppliers and offers more sales opportunities on multiple channels. In addition, the accounting tool in oHA Base offers a transparent invoicing of the efforts and provisions of various providers. The calculations and statistics are also generated automatically.
  • By providing services and products that can be online booked at any time, oHA providers generate more sales. As our statistics show, even small oHA providers (like accommodations with just 10-15 units) receive about 400 orders per month form their guests (breakfast, guided tours, rental etc.).


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Fully integration with the AURORAL Cloud

oHA shares data with the auroral cloud, like location based activities for experiences. This enables an open eco system for further applications/innovations on different domains. Furthermore, all data and services are shareable between oHA instances. An API and the oHA Widget-Generator enables easy-to-use data sharing. Thus, oHA data and services are accessible across Europe.