Guest portal oHA

The guest portal oHA for hotels or accommodation providers is a digital platform and web app that aims to improve the tourism experience and the guest`s stay. It allows guests to book, reserve, rent and pay online for various activities, experiences, or additions to in-house services and products. The digital guest portal oHA helps accommodation providers offer additional services and fully inform the guests about their stay and destination. It’s a great solution for digitalising local accommodation businesses and shaping sustainable and automated processes.

Destination management for regions

oHA serves also as destination management system that enables tourists to access various local offerings online. They can book, reserve, rent and pay for activities, experiences, services and products from regional providers. oHA creates a digital local marketplace that connects tourists with the local providers. Additionally, oHA offers a guest card system for touristic regions, where tourists can use points to purchase local offerings and activities or even sustainable mobility services. oHA is aimed for digitalization of the tourism sector, which provide innovative and sustainable e-tourism services for guests and tourists.

Story-Telling and outdoor guiding system

oHA allows users to create and follow interactive stories based on the outdoor experiences and sightseeings. Users can use oHA to find tours, see multimedia content, and explore stories about e.g. historical spots along the way. oHA also provides a guiding system that helps users navigate through the tours using GPS and indicators. oHA aims to enhance the engagement and enjoyment of outdoor activities by combining story-telling and outdoor activities.


Fleet management & micro-public solution for shuttle/taxi

The fleet management and micro-public solutions for shuttle and taxi services help mobility providers optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Our platform enables efficient planning of fleet resources, dynamic routing, smart dispatching, and seamless rides for both drivers and passengers. Whether you need a reliable shuttle service, a convenient taxi service, or a flexible micro-public service for your community, we can help you.

Shuttle Bus App

The shuttle bus app is a web-based tool that helps you plan your routes and find the best transport options. The app uses the actual location and time to show the current shuttle service routes and connections. The users can easily choose the destination and see the estimated arrival time. The app aims to improve rural mobility and sustainability.

Rental and booking system for e-bikes and electric fun vehicles

oHA, a digital platform and web app that makes renting, booking, and reserving e-bikes or fun mobility vehicles easy and fast. It is ideal for tourism regions, municipalities, and hotels that want to offer their guests a convenient and enjoyable way to explore the region. oHA also gives this way, citizens and tourists new options for their holidays and leisure time.

Rental system for e-cars and carsharing

oHA a digital platform and web app that connects with CARUSO, an external car sharing provider, to offer electric car rentals. Users of oHA can access various digital services, including car sharing, with a single registration and login. This makes it convenient for users to book sustainable mobility  services without switching platforms. oHA also allows its providers, such as local governments, tourism associations, accommodation providers, or regions, to set custom rental rules for e-cars based on their availability and operating hours.


PEDMaker Energy App

PEDMaker is an app that helps users learn more about energy consumption and production, how to reduce the environmental impact, and how to save money. With PEDMaker, users can set their own energy efficiency and sustainability goals and track their progress. PEDMaker also helps users to join and expand the local energy communities. On the other hand, energy communities can simulate energy trading scenarios and see how much users can benefit from sharing and exchanging energy with community members.

Energy monitoring solution

The regions and whole energy communities can monitor their energy production and consumption with our web app. They can see the personal energy data in real-time, and get statistics on energy efficiency and savings. Members of the energy communities can also join a local marketplace for energy production, where they can sell or buy excess energy from other members. Our app uses artificial intelligence to analyze the member`s profiles and preferences, and match them. This way, regions can expand the network and find new opportunities to optimize the energy decentralization.

Public Sector

City and community web app

Now municipalities can betransform and digitalize with a web app. Our web app, oHA, is a versatile platform for various purposes. One of them is a civic app for cities, regions, or associations. Whether you regions need e-governance standard functions or custom features,  oHA can handle them. Municipalitries can also create their own web app with the oHA builder without coding. Moreover,  oHA web app can be tailored to specific needs and preferences.

Smart city solutions

We create smart city solutions that help cities (or municipalities) optimize operations, enhance communication with the public, and provide better and more sustainable public services for the citizens. These include smart public services and e-governance, smart infrastructure with the development and integration of smart technologies, smart data monitoring and data management, as well as innovative and sustainable projects for cities and regions.

Data Analysis

User Behavior with AI/ML Technologies

UBE is a unique iOS app that allows oHA web app operators, such as hoteliers or tourism associations, to visualize the anonymized log data of their end users (guests). This app helps them understand their guests' behaviour and preferences better. They can use this information to enhance their marketing and customer engagement strategies and optimize their internal operations (logistics, personnel).

AI chatbot for end users

LuxActive's AI chatbot is a powerful tool for answering any questions that customers, guests or employees may have, based on your own data. It uses AI-based large language models to provide fast and complex answers that enhance and simplify the communication with the target audience. Moreover, the large language model can also intelligently and autonomously manage processes as a workflow system.

AI chatbot for providers based on process-focused statistics

The AI chatbot for providers is a powerful tool for analyzing statistics through natural conversations. It allows companies to optimize their customer portals and journeys and gain an edge over their competitors. The UI is user-friendly and does not require any training. It supports employees in making data-driven decisions across different departments and sectors. The chatbot uses a flexible framework that can adapt to any company's statistics on customer journeys and handle various types of data (environment data). The chatbot is also a secure solution that runs locally (on-premises) and keeps the customer's data private.