One-stop solution from LuxActive for digital breakfast orders

Breakfast delivery is one of the most requested services in small but also extensive accommodation facilities. Now you can simply digital offer your guest a breakfast basket with delicacies from local farms. Make the stay of your guests even more pleasant!

The daily challenges of breakfast orders

Although many accommodations offer services like breakfast orders, these services are still very limited and not easily bookable for guests. Again and again, guests have to fill out a slip of paper by hand for a simple breakfast order. The guest has to imagine what the breakfast will look like or fill in the products and meals on the checklist. The breakfast orders will be then placed at the dinner table or brought to the reception. Sometimes, the staff collects notes or checklists from the guests in their rooms. This time-consuming process must be repeated daily and, of course, always carried out correctly so that the right products and meals will be delivered to the guests. Otherwise, local hotel providers risk unhappy guests at the reception desk and a long search for possible internal failures. Even creating an order list for suppliers and sending it to them can cause additional costs and mistakes if these processes are carried out imprecisely. Furthermore, daily repeating bookings with the same products or product combinations cause problems even for experienced accommodation and hotel providers, mainly due to often staff changes.

Since breakfast offers can also change depending on the season, regional farms, shops offer a special product or certain products are not available at all the time. The accommodation providers are clearly limited in making last-minute adjustments with their printed check lists and menus. The inconvenient and also costly reprinting of breakfast lists is neither an innovative or a sustainable solution. The accommodation businesses lack a truly flexible and suitable tool to attractively presented breakfast offers to the guests.They need to communicate it and finally make it easy for the guest to book it. Especially in this age, it is important to offer guests flexibility and individuality, with services that can be booked anywhere and at any time and be freely combined.

With the digital platform oHA, we offer a highly optimised system tailored for breakfast orders, which we developed  based on inputs from our customers.

Choose and order breakfast easily with oHA!

Accommodation providers can use oHA to cover digitally all breakfast offers and breakfast types with the ordering processes. In your personal oHA instance, you can set the bookable breakfast offers and provide them to your guests in certain bookable time slots or around the clock. In doing so, you are supported by the numerous setting options and the contingents of oHA in order to adapt your orders exactly to your internal processes and daily routine.

Additionally, an overview of the ordered products is automatically generated on the PC/tablet or in the form of a PDF file to send an exact list of needed products to your local supplier. This way, your staff always have an up-to-date overview of the number of breakfasts for every day, the booked products per room and person. A highly optimized ordering process relieves your staff from additional work and helps to reduce manual operational mistakes. Kitchen staff can also view and track the current number of breakfast orders and information about allergies or extra requests at any time. This eliminates the often stressful and unclear communication between staff.

Your guests will always see the current ordered breakfast and products. They can daily compose their breakfast according to their taste, and can also book breakfast outside the accommodation or hotel on tour or in spa.

Reduce you complex services with the oHA web app and present them in an individual design!

Easily breakfast order in just a few steps

  • Guests individually and quickly set up their breakfast with products digitally in oHA and make a digital breakfast order with any products to different units/rooms
  • This process is independent of guest's location and time
  • Short-term adjustments, additional information to breakfast, prices, order rates, or bookable times can be easily and individually adapted by local hotel providers internally in oHA at any time. Guests. have, therefore always access to the most up-to-date breakfast offer 
  • After booking, hotel staff receive a notification by e-mail and see currently booked breakfasts with the selected products
  • Order lists for the products supplier are automatically generated in oHA
  • The single products and breakfast orders can be assigned per unit/room by kitchen staff and hotel personnel. In this way, the breakfast baskets/portions are easily delivered/served to the guests
  • Special requests can be communicated digitally via oHA and easily tracked by staff
  • The ordering process runs smoothly, the staff is relieved, and the guests feel comfortable
  • All digital orders are clearly listed upon the guest's check-out, and direct billing is carried out via oHA. Immediate online payment per order is also possible

We simplify your complex services via digitalization!

Pre-define the orders for your guest

We have also considered similar and repetitive orders from guests. In oHA, you can create a booking template for breakfasts, define any products in this category and reuse the booking template as often as you like for further repeating orders and bookings. This is convenient for your staff, e.g., for newly arriving guests, without the need to recently search for individual products and compile them into a breakfast order (e.g., breakfast basket). Likewise, the breakfasts can simply be ordered for all guests with the same products. So, for example, a breakfast basket with the same products is quickly booked and delivered to chalets for all guests on the spot. In addition, special orders and breakfast packages, e.g., vegan and gluten-free, can be created and then simply booked for specific hotel guests.

The best practice example

Read the success story of Woodridge Luxury Chalets in Werfenweng, who use oHA for breakfast orders and other in-house services!