Public Sector software solutions

With our city and community web app, citizens can always have an actual overview of community information and use digital public services 24/7. In addition, many services that we have developed for other sectors can be easily integrated into the community and public web apps. These range from mobility through tourism to the energy sector.

The oHA web app also serves as a regional marketplace, including a billing and commission system for local providers. Regional products and services can be booked and paid directly online.

With the integrated smart search and map view, end-users can find numerous local stores, guesthouses, landmarks, attractions, and much more. They can also use live GPS navigation to find them. Thanks to the flexibility with oHA, numerous individual processes can be covered, such as the integration of car-sharing platforms or futher e-mobility services.

  • Mobile web app for citizens
  • POIs, official templates, files, and documents to download
  • Bookable communal or city services
  • Contact to authorities and digital booking of appointments
  • Regional events and news
  • Own individual design of the web app
  • Statistics from users
  • Automated operational processes and optimization of human resources
  • Waste disposal calendar