The city of Vienna constitution from LEGO® - Smart City Demonstrator by LuxActive

powered by FIWARE & implemented by LuxActive...

Smart City Vienna is a physical replica of a smart and digital city that Vienna can be as well. For the first time, the Lego components were presented at Digital Days 2019. This massive model consists of LEGO® bricks built and implemented by LuxActive. With this concept of the physical LEGO model, we introduced a concrete vision of the smart and digital city of Vienna. The smart city demonstrator was constructed as part of the collaboration between FIREWARE, the City of Vienna, and LuxActive.

LuxActive implemented the city hall, the Ferris wheel, a city e-bike station, and the subway in the Vienna demonstrator and built them with small LEGO bricks. The model and the smart model have become so popular that also other cities and regions have engaged them with the FIWARE Urban Data Platform for their smart city projects.

Werfenweng Smart Model Region

How can a smart region look like?

Imagine a family planning a holiday at the luxury Chalet Woodridge on the plateau in Werfenweng, located in beautiful Salzburg in Austria. Even before arriving, the family has access to, a regional and tourist web app of Werfenweng. This contains all local activities, points of interest (POIs), restaurants, and tours with offline GPS navigation. The family can book the so-called W3 shuttle via the web app, which takes them from the train station to their accommodation. From there, the family has access to the other oHA instance,, where they can find all the information about their accommodation and their stay, as well as all the available services that can be booked online, such as breakfast to the room or the bookable times for a massage. The smart home is also available in the web app. The web app oHA of the accommodation is connected to the web app of the tourism association and shares relevant data for tourists. The family can even buy a point guest card directly online in oHA, which enables all kinds of soft mobility or makes endless leisure offers from local providers bookable against points. Various soft-mobility offers are also free and can be booked immediately by the family. The family can thus use their preferred web app oHA, whether from the tourism association or the accommodation provider, and always have all services with them with just one login.

Copyright: Tourismusverband Werfenweng, Christian Scharter
Copyright: Tourismusverband Werfenweng, Christian Scharter

For the solution presented, a Werfenweng model was developed from Lego with a connection to FIWARE, demonstrating oHA and the region. This solution was developed by us, LuxActive. Werfenweng is a showcase region for environmentally friendly tourism and soft mobility. In the pictures below, you can see the entire FIWARE World Lego City, including models of Werfenweng and the city of Vienna. In addition, many globally usable elements are demonstrated, such as the railway connection or renewable energy as the main resource for the future Smart City of the future.

Smart City Demonstrator from LuxActive at the Smart City Expo World Congress

The model was presented at large exhibitions, such as at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona in November 2021 and 2022. The Smart World by FIWARE model demonstrates several domains with a clear focus on smart cities, mobility, and energy. The demonstrators will be used to showcase and explain the benefits, services, and goals of Smart Cities and how they can be integrated into real cities.