Energy software solutions

We offer a digital platform for the energy sector with innovative energy services that are accessible to end users as a web app or app. In the frame of the energy sector, we offer a tool for decision-making processes suitable for citizens, energy communities, local companies, and municipalities that produce or consume energy from renewable resources.

Based on local current and historical data and with the help of AI/ML technologies, we demonstrate whether it would be more efficient for energy producers to sell the self-produced energy on the market, consume it themselves or make it available in an energy community according to self-defined conditions. We help users to achieve maximum energy efficiency. Thereby, actual market prices, smart meter data or weather data are taken into account.

The web app provides innovative and smart services with clear visualizations of energy consumption and production over different time intervals.

  • Graphic visualizations of the available energy data
  • Statistics and user profiles
  • Accounting models for energy communities
  • User matchmaking function for energy communities
  • Monitoring of energy for users, communities, or whole regions
  • Regional energy monitoring
  • Coaching of end-users for economic and ecological energy