LuxActive's AI chatbot helps answer questions to your own data

LuxActive's AI chatbot is a powerful tool for answering any questions that your customers, guests or employees may have, based on your own data. It uses AI-based large language models to provide fast and complex answers that enhance and simplify your communication with your target audience. Moreover, LuxActive's large language model can also intelligently and autonomously manage processes as a workflow system.

What is an AI-based chatbot?

AI chatbots are not just scripts that reply with preset messages. They are smart systems that use artificial intelligence to converse and interact with you. AI chatbots can comprehend and produce human language. They can help you with your queries, give you information, assist you with tasks or just chat with you. And they do it in natural, fluent sentences that you can easily understand.

What makes these AI chatbots so impressive? The secret is the AI-powered large language models that underpin them. These models are massive collections of texts from various domains. The models process these texts and extract patterns and rules from them that govern language and communication. This allows them to produce new texts on their own that are relevant and consistent.

AI chatbots are more than just simple programs, they are adaptive systems that can learn and improve over time. They can comprehend the context and purpose of your queries and give you personalized responses. AI chatbots can be applied to various domains such as tourism, the public sector or industry. They can assist you with booking trips, ordering products or solving technical issues. They are accessible 24/7 and can handle multiple users simultaneously.

Chatbots are AI-powered tools that can help you with various tasks and queries. They can provide you with information, entertainment, guidance and more. When you interact with a chatbot, you are communicating with an AI that is designed to make your experience better. Explore the different features and functions that chatbots can offer and also how they can enhance your digital communication. Chatbots are not just a trend, they are the future.

Is our AI chatbot also for you?

Case study of the AI-based guest map from the tourism sector
Case study of the AI-based guest map from the tourism sector

Our KI-based chatbot is optimal solution for your

  • Guest portal for your tourism business
  • Citizen portal, community web app for public organizatios, associations or municipalities
  • Customer portal for private companies also for internal work processes
  • AI chatbot for manufacturing industry, flexible channel for diffferent target groups
  • Complex user interfaces for internal company use, e.g. for statistics or information systems 

Our AI-supported chatbot can handle different domains.

With our AI chatbot, you can design your websites or (web) apps more intuitive and user-friendly, and increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Your advantages with online AI chatbot from LuxActive

  • Prepare data for customers and end users in a simple and clear way
  • Provide 24/7 availability and quick assistance to solve their problems
  • Relieve employees from repetitive and tedious tasks
  • Strengthen communication with the target group, whether in the B2B or B2C area
  • Handle the increasing volume of inquiries with ease and efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering personalized and relevant responses
  • Gain valuable insights into customer needs, preferences and behavior through data analysis
  • Reduce personnel and operating costs by automating customer service
  • Become a popular virtual assistant for customers and end users by offering a friendly and engaging experience
  • Optimize processes through information processing by the chatbot, which can also trigger actions and workflows
  • Adopt modern processes or communication through the use of chatbots in your company, n the sense of an intelligent workflow system

AI can also be used to control processes in the sense of an intelligent workflow system.