PEDMaker Energy App for energy consumers, prosumers or energy communities

PEDMaker is a new and innovative app developed by LuxActive for the energy sector within the H2020-SYNERGY Project. PEDMaker serves mainly local energy producers and users like households, companies and regional energy communities. To set up the PEDMaker App, we LuxActive, used energy data and analytics from the SYNERGY platform, which also successfully validated the app for a real-world environment!

Main goals of the PEDMaker App

  • PEDMaker educates its users, so they become better informed and responsible energy consumers/-prosumers
  • Users can with PEDMaker set and also easily achieve monetary or ecological goals regarding their energy consumption or production
  • PEDMaker monitors the energy data of the users and shows findings and recommendations with an integrated alerting function
  • Users can find the best matching users for creating or extending their energy community by simulating energy trading and predict on how much money/CO² savings the theoretical community will yield for the user

European Centre for Renewable Energy Güssing about PEDMaker

PEDMaker`s functions and user interface

Individual Settings of Goals

Users of PEDMaker can set the self-goals they want to achieve regarding their energy consumption or production. The set goal can be monetary or economic. Parameters like the monthly budget, CO² emissions per month, or market prices are set as well, as they are used as the basis for analyzing live and historical prosumer user data.

Usage of Pattern Analysis in PEDMaker

This function shows the user's hourly, daily, or average weekly energy production and consumption statistics. Users can also set units of statistics like kWh, CO², or EUR. Moreover, the time period for the statistics can be set to the current date or to any past date to show the related chart.

Different colors indicate user statistics and metrics. In the charts, red boxes show energy consumption and turquoise boxes show energy production. Intense colors in these boxes indicate consumption or production on a particular day. Lighter ones display how much the user would have paid/made without self-consumption.

This function further shows the average of the last 30 days. This defines the user's monthly costs and is, therefore, one of the key metrics in the app. It further displays the relative change of the average for the selected day. With this, the users can see if they are moving with their energy consumption and production in the wished direction.

In-App Findings

In PEDMaker are also shown findings which analyze the energy consumption and production of the user. These show the user the highest energy consumption periods during a day (hours) or a week (days). Another finding also indicates the usage per weekday, where most electricity is drawn from the grid, which is also a hint for the user to save energy. Findings for hours with the highest CO² emission or the most expensive hours are shown and displayed as well.

Multiple Findings in PEDMaker

If the user clicks on a particular finding and selects it, the app shows additional information in the initially displayed graphics. On the one hand, the initial graphics are shown, on the other hand, the influence of the particular selected finding is displayed in light red/green Colors for the user.

The selected findings provide information and metrics to the user based on their average energy usage per hour from the last six months.

  • Highest energy consumption
  • Most electricity drawn from grid
  • CO² emission at the highest
  • Most expensive hours
  • Power, energy consumption

The users have helpful insights about their energy consumption habits, needs, and set goals. Thus, through PEDMaker, users become better informed and responsible energy consumers/-prosumers!

Forecasts, Daily Average and Change of the Energy Consumption and Production

Based on set units, kWh, CO² or €, PEDMaker shows users the daily average over the last 30 days and changes compared to the previous day as well as the monthly forecast about the energy consumption and production in the selected unit.

Smart Progress Display

A personal progress view tracks the user's progress in the app. The set goal of the user is shown in red/green areas of the chart. It displays the users selected monthly goal and their current status. If a user is in the green area, the goal was achieved.

Also, historical and current progress can be displayed for the users. Users can choose between the current date or any past date they would like to show in the chart. Different charts and progress views are shown by switching units to CO² or EUR based on the different user set goals.

Based on the aforementioned findings, the app provides users with recommendations for reaching their goals. The users' actions are checked by the app as well as if the action for a particular recommendation was performed. Such recommendations include hours with very high CO² emissions and what amount of g is actually affected by these hours. The same recommendations are possible to show for costs. With these recommendations, most insights from displayed graphics are shown in easy-to-follow text messages that »educate« users to reach their goals or save energy.

Smart Traffic Light Display

A traffic light display provides the actual recommendation if it is best for the user to sell, use or save produced energy. A matrix based on the colors of the traffic light also shows the past-time units with their recommendations. The coloring can be filtered to a specific range to show only colors of interest for the user. Based on the set goal, the pre-set unit is either CO² or EUR but can be changed by the user manual as well. The displayed matrix helps to identify high energy-consuming assets and educates the users about their energy use as well as how to improve it. With this, the user directly sees at which time of the day the most energy was used.

PEDMaker`s Functions for Energy Communities and Matchmaking

Users can find the best matching users for their energy community to achieve their monetary or ecological goals. For this purpose, separate views were developed in the PEDMaker app. One shows the best matching users to choose from. Another view is for setting parameters of the matchmaking and the energy community. Finally, a different view also shows detailed information about the energy community.

For the matchmaking function, was developed algorithm capable of matching arbitrarily sized groups for energy communities. Therefore, a fixed-step simulation engine containing the aforementioned algorithm was developed, which solves the NP-complete optimization problem for matching. The results are accurate as the given resolution/step size, because energy measurements are quantized and thus, approximating the gains of a potential energy community, this is more than precise enough.


There were also several different approaches added to account within an energy community. After the user inputs all parameters, the engine simulates the given approach for a chosen group and will fairly distribute the energy between partners.


Different accounting methods are available to choose from for best-fitting users, use cases. For example, the user can choose a balancing period. The simulation will then fairly distribute the energy within the community. For example, it can be set to distribute energy so that everyone makes the same amount of money within a week. It can also be set to a time period of a day or an hour. More extended time periods give an overall fairer distribution. However, shorter periods may be used to


  1. faster get actual numbers in a real-world accounting situation
  2. incentivize members to change their assets, for example, to get a windmill that can also produce at night times.

The user can further specify what fair means. It can either be distributed so that everyone makes the same money of the community, exports/imports the same amount of energy, or saves the same amount of CO2. It also allows for asymmetric accounting, where buying is much more valuable than selling energy within the energy community.

Evaluation and Traffic Light for Energy Communities

In the detailed view, users get presented with all facts about the energy community. A matrix similar to the traffic light display shows the user's usage profile. The users can switch between different modes to see how the energy community will affect their usage profile. How much energy comes/goes to the community, how much is still traded with the grid, and how their usage profile will change. This is also available for a kWh/CO2/Monetary view.

Push Notifications

The users are automatically notified if the traffic light changes in the PEDMaker app via push notification. Thus the users have essential information needed to buy or sell and/or to save energy.