Hålogaland Tourism Pilot: Taking Visitor Engagement to the Next Level with Interactive Storytelling!

The pilot region Hålogaland within the H2020 project AURORAL is preparing a new visitor experience! The Hålogaland tourism pilot is back for another round of testing, this time focussing on an exciting new feature: visitor feedback on digital stories!

LuxActive, with Narvik Kommune as a pilot leader, is piloting this new feature: visitor feedback on digital stories!

Tourists and visitors on an incredible trip through the stunning landscapes of Hålogaland, Norway, can use our innovative oHA web app to access digital stories that enrich their exploration. Now, they can also share their thoughts directly on those stories! This isn't just about telling us and pilot what they liked (or maybe what you didn't). Their feedback helps us:

  • Continuously improve attractions: The tourist`s insights help the pilot and Narvik Kommune fine-tune the stories and ensure they provide the best possible experience for future visitors
  • Maintain attractions at their best: With visitor feedback, local providers can identify areas where attractions might need a little care
  • Empower visitors to share their voices: The local providers and pilot want to hear about the user`s adventures and experiences! This helps to make the experience in Hålogaland even more unforgettable


Providing feedback is simple. The users look for the new text format under each story within the oHA web app. There, they can share their thoughts in a few short sentences. We, LuxActive and Narvik Kommune are still working on perfecting this feature, and the local Steering Advisory Board has already reviewed the initial version.