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The new Energy App from LuxActive
Energy · 28. November 2022
Within the H2020 SYNERGY project, LuxActive developed an Energy App with new smart features for the energy sector. This will enable the end-users and stakeholders of an energy community to be better informed about their energy consumption and production and to achieve their monetary and CO2 targets. The App is suitable for municipalities but also for end-users (such as private households, companies, etc.).

LuxActive im SYNERGY - HORIZON 2020 Projekt
Projekte · 01. August 2022
oHA wird als Entscheidungshilfe für Energiegemeinschaften und als Visualisierungstool für lokale Energieerzeuger eingesetzt. Lesen Sie mehr über die neue Herausforderung für die digitale Plattform oHA und die Einführung in den Energiesektor, mit dem SYNERGY - HORIZON 2020 Projekt!

LuxActive in the SYNERGY - HORIZON 2020 project
Projects · 01. August 2022
oHA will be used as a decision support tool for energy communities and a visualization tool for local energy producers. Read more about the new challenge for the digital platform oHA and the launch in the energy sector with the SYNERGY - HORIZON 2020 project!