The web app oHA of the Hålogaland region now includes a new feature for easier mobility
Mobility · 23. Oktober 2023
As part of the H2020-AURORAL Project LuxActive has collaborated with Narvik Kommune and Smart Innovation Norway to create a web app that allows users to use independent digital services, including local data from the Hålogaland pilot region. Together with our Norwegian partners we created a regional oHA instance, a web app for tourists that offers a service for local attractions. This summer, also a new mobility function for tourists was added to the web app oHA of Hålogaland region!

Shuttle Bus App Demonstrator
Mobility · 23. Mai 2023
Testen Sie die Shuttle-Bus-App aus Sicht der Besucher/Endnutzer mit unserer Demo-Version!

Rental system for e-cars in oHA
Mobility · 04. Mai 2023
Based on the API connection with the external car sharing provider CARUSO, the digital platform and web app oHA also enables the rental of electric cars. In this way, oHA offers both mobile service providers and their end users a seamlessly integrated car sharing service, which is available with other digital services in the oHA web app.

The shuttle bus app for the Weinfrühling of the Weinidylle Southern Burgenland
Mobility · 27. April 2023
The Weinfrühling 2023 is a regional event with more than 50 participating wine producers from Southern Burgenland. The winemakers invite the visitors for great wine tours and wine degustation during this event. For this purpose, LuxActive has developed a web app for event visitors, which digitizes the bus and shuttle schedule for both event days.

Rental and online booking system for e-bikes and fun mobility vehicles
Mobility · 14. April 2023
With the digital platform and web app oHA, the digital rental, booking, and reservation of e-bikes or fun mobility vehicles is much simpler and quicker! The solution is suitable for large tourism regions, municipalities, and accommodation providers like hotels. Furthermore, the services offer citizens and tourists new possibilities for their holidays and leisure activities.

Innovative Microtransit Solution for Rural Regions: W³-Shuttle Service by LuxActive
Mobility · 17. März 2023
In addition to many innovative modules (tourism, public sector, energy, shared mobility), the digital platform and web app oHA also includes a fleet management module that is optimized for regional taxi and shuttle providers. This fleet management module was developed for the W³-Shuttle (Werfenweng, Pfarrwerfen, Werfen) and covers complex processes and requirements of the local W³-Shuttle service.

Digital Story-Telling and Outdoor Guiding System in the Hålogaland Region, Norway
Mobility · 23. Januar 2023
Within the H2020 AURORAL project and the collaboration with the Norwegian pilot region Hålogaland, the web app oHA and its digital platform were used to integrate a regional digital storytelling and outdoor guiding system. This touristic service and system is part of the tourism use case of our project partners, the Narvik Municipality and Smart Innovation Norway.

The Story-Telling Tours in oHA
Mobility · 16. August 2022
As part of the H2020-AURORAL project, we have set another great feature and module of the oHA web app - Story-Telling Tours.