Weinfrühling 2024: Shuttle Bus App makes wine tasting convenient for visitors

Over the weekend of May 4th-5th, the Weinfrühling wine testing festival brought cheer to the Southern Burgenland pilot region! As part of the H2020 AURORAL project, we once again put our Shuttle Bus App to the test during this popular local event.

With over 50 wineries and offering shuttle bus services, navigating through the event could be a challenge.  That's where our Shuttle Bus App came in!  Developed by LuxActive, the app served as a route planner, displaying real-time shuttle bus schedules and shuttle stop locations based on the current position of the users. This allowed users to easily plan their wine-tasting adventure and discover local wine producers.

This year, the Weinfrühling Shuttle Bus App reached over 1,500 app requests, helping more than 100 event visitors navigate their wine-tasting journeys.  This innovative service highlights the power of digitalization in supporting rural areas, which is also one of the key focuses of the H2020 AURORAL project.


Further Information

For more information about the Shuttle Bus App and the Weinfrühling event, check out our previous blog post.

FAQ for this article

What are the key features of the innovative shuttle bus app? Key features include viewing current and next bus and shuttle routes per desired line, finding locations of all wineries on a map, planning a perfect wine tour, and finding the nearest bus stop with current departure times based on the user's location.
What is the Weinfrühling Südburgenland event? The Weinfrühling Südburgenland is one of the largest wine events in the Southern Burgenland region, featuring fine wines from local winegrowers and offering free shuttle bus services for visitors.
What makes the shuttle bus app innovative? The shuttle bus app works based on the current location of the visitor, allowing them to see their position on a map, find the nearest bus stop with current departure times, and plan the perfect wine tour.
Where can visitors access the shuttle bus app? Visitors can access the shuttle bus app on smartburgenland.at or directly through the web link provided.
What is the purpose of the shuttle bus service at Weinfrühling event? The purpose is to provide visitors with a free shuttle bus service for perfect wine tours.
What features does the shuttle bus app offer to visitors? The app offers all bus routes, arrival and departure times, all bus stops, bus pick-up stations, and participating wine producers on the map.
Can visitors use the shuttle bus app without downloading it? Yes, they can access the web app without downloading.
What is the main advantage of using the shuttle bus app during the Weinfrühling event? The main advantage is that visitors can easily plan their wine tour with up-to-date bus departure times and locations of all wineries on the map.