Updates from H2020 AURORAL Project: Southern Burgenland Pilot

We're excited to share the progress of the project in the Southern Burgenland. In collaboration with project partners EEE and BAVENIR, LuxActive successfully completed the integration of electric vehicle (EV) charger data into the AURORAL data broker. This data comes from Open Charge Map, the global Open Data registry of electric vehicle charging locations.

This achievement embodies the core principles of the H2020 AURORAL project: ensuring semantic interoperability and harnessing the power of data abundance in rural environments. LuxActive seamlessly integrated an external data source containing EV charger information with the provided local cross-cutting service oHA. This data was incorporated into the AURORAL data broker, enabling its exchange and use with the platform and web app oHA.


As a result, the web app oHA now offers users a richer understanding of regional mobility options, including EV charger locations and availability. This not only empowers EV drivers but also fosters a more sustainable transportation infrastructure in Southern Burgenland. The integrated data even includes the location of e-charging stations for e-bike users. This improvement also refines the usage of the integrated carsharing service in the Southern Burgenland pilot.

The Southern Burgenland pilot, in collaboration with LuxActive and BAVENIR, has successfully established secure and efficient data access within the frame of the AURORAL project. This achievement not only sets a strong foundation for the project but also paves the way for the development of further innovative data-driven solutions for rural areas, demonstrating the project's potential for continuous growth and value creation.