The oHA Design Editor

We present the oHA Design Editor, available for the web app oHA. The Design Editor with the web interface oHA Base (managing tool) includes many features for an individual design of the web app oHAThe Design Editor allows everyone to build their web app with a white-label platform oHA, without programming. This is the perfect fit for the e-tourism sector as well as accommodation providers (hotels, chalets, vacation apartments, etc.) and tourism associations that want to provide their guests with complex services on a daily basis but easily and in individual design. With the Design Editor, you are flexible in many other domains besides tourism. Therefore, if you have location-based information and/or have complex processes for reservation/booking/payment with dates or also need flexible extensions, e.g., in e-mobility for individual needs, oHA is a perfect choice!

The features of the oHA Design Editor

With the >>oHA Design Editor<< in oHA Base you can easily design your own web app completely free and without programming skills.

  • Colors and colour scheme
  • Corporate logo
  • Own web fonts
  • Pictograms
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Buttons
  • Texts
  • Activities
  • News
  • Channels for bookable offers, tours, information etc.
  • Layout
  • Header/Footer
  • and much more

can be easily configured. The elements are immediately visible in your web app and the new design and can be created and tested in seconds.

A 100% customizable web app with oHA Design Editor

View some of the designs in detail and test them for free

The design of the application is optimized for smartphones and mobile view. Therefore, we recommend testing of the designs on smartphones.