LuxActive's Chatbot for PEDMaker: “SRI-CHATPED”, an awarded project in the frame of the SUSTAIN Eurocluster

At LuxActive, we're passionate about helping people understand and optimize their energy use. That's why we developed PEDMaker, a personalized energy companion that analyzes your data and provides easy-to-follow recommendations. But we know navigating the world of energy can be confusing, even with PEDMaker's helpful features.

That's where SRI-CHATPED comes in, in the frame of the SUSTAIN Eurocluster funded by the European Commission! 

Introducing SUSTAIN Eurocluster

The SUSTAIN Eurocluster is a project aimed at bolstering the building construction industry in Europe. It functions as a consortium comprised of five partners and appears to focus on encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to participate in innovation and the ongoing digital transformation of the construction sector. 

LuxActive is proud to announce that it has been selected as successful candidate of the SUSTAIN project's recent open call! Our awarded project, SRI-CHATPED, was chosen among 36 proposals submitted since September 2023. This competitive process highlights the innovative nature of SRI-CHAPTED, which will use cutting-edge technologies.

Looking to the future of smart buildings? This project is built on a framework of Smart Readiness Indicators (SRI).  SRIs use a rating system to measure a building's ability to adapt to its environment and the needs of its occupants.  Think of it as a way to score a building's "smartness"!  There are three key areas considered: optimizing energy use, adjusting to occupant needs, and adapt to signals from the grid.

By highlighting the benefits of smart technologies, SRIs aim to push the boundaries of construction and encourage widespread use of these technologies in new buildings.  In our LuxActive project SRI-CHATPED, we align with Smart Readiness Indicators (SRI) combining with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unlock even greater potential.

Introducing SRI-CHATPED: The AI-powered Energy Coach

SRI-CHATPED is an advanced chatbot designed to integrate seamlessly with PEDMaker. It acts as a personal energy consultant, available to answer the questions, explain complex topics, and guide users on their path to a more sustainable future and energy usage.

Here's what SRI-CHATPED can do

  • Break down the barriers: Forget walls of charts and technical jargon. SRI-CHATPED uses natural language so you can ask questions and get clear, concise answers in a way that's easy to understand
  • Become an energy expert: Learn about energy usage and your personal energy behavior – all through conversation with SRI-CHATPED
  • Get personalized recommendations: SRI-CHATPED analyzes your data and provides specific, actionable steps to optimize your energy use
  • Unlock the power of energy communities: Discover how to connect with like-minded people and form energy communities for mutual benefit
  • Simplify complex tasks: Need help with break-even calculations or integrating renewable energy sources? SRI-CHATPED can explain it all and visualize it within the PEDMaker app

A One-Stop Shop for All Your Energy Needs

Think of SRI-CHATPED and PEDMaker as a dynamic duo for energy management. SRI-CHATPED is the conversational guide, while PEDMaker provides the data and tools to put SRI-CHATPED's advice into action.

SRI-CHATPED isn't just for PEDMaker users, either! It can also function as your personal energy consultant, even on other websites or apps.

Empowering Everyone on the Path to Sustainability

Energy is a complex topic, but it shouldn't be a mystery. With SRI-CHATPED, we're making energy information accessible to everyone. We want to empower users to understand their energy use, confidently make sustainable choices, and become an active participant in a more sustainable future.

Ready to chat the way to a greener tomorrow? Stay tuned for updates on the launch of SRI-CHATPED!