The new UBE App - User Behaviour Explainer

The iOS app >>UBE<< was specially developed by SWISDATA for LuxActive. This app offers an entirely new visualization of the collected anonymized log data from oHA web app. It enables oHA operators, such as hoteliers or tourism associations, to get exclusive insights into the behavior of their end users (guests). With these insights, both marketing and customer engagement along the customer journey can be quickly improved and internal organisation optimized (logistics, personnel). For example, more masseurs can be ordered and planned by certain predicted weather conditions, which evokes the booking of the massages by the guests. Furthermore, every operator of the digital platform and web app oHA can now analyze the behavior of their guests with the UBE app in order to get information about the causes of their behavior. This information can be related to the specific time of day, the weather, or associated activities.

The new UBE App in detail

With the >>DDCAL<< algorithm applied in the background, developed specifically for the visualization of process models by SWISDATA, operators of oHA can more easily identify and track correlations for the behavior of guests.

After selecting an option in the new UBE app, such as the successful completion/payment of an order for a product or service in oHA, the app displays valuable insights. These can be results such as the previous or preceding event/user action or the following time/weather conditions for the next event.

This allows the UBE app to see what conditions/events/actions occurred before and after a successful order in the oHA web app. This helps to better understand the end users of oHA (guests) and to be able to >>recognize<< them in the future.

Find out more about what interests your guests and what they are looking for

The UBE app shows the behavior of oHA end users in the oHA web app based on meteorological data, such as.

  • Sunny or rainy days influence the booking behavior of end users in oHA
  • Which activities or offers do users prefer in bad weather or on sunny days

Particularly interesting for operators of oHA are also results such as which news the oHA end users prefer to read, when they read them, or in what the oHA end users are most interested.

On the other hand, the UBE app also shows which events/actions the end users definitely do not occur/book or do in the oHA web app. Thus, the automatic evaluations with the help of machine learning provides UBE the oHA operators with a solid and valuable basis for marketing strategies and resource/staff planning.


Your own individual questions to UBE

Analyze the behavior of your end users of the Web App oHA, taking into account environmental data such a

  • Temperature
  • Daytime
  • Precipitation
  • Sunny days

However, environmental data can be easily changed or added. There are no limits here! Everything that interests you and your business (e.g., wind conditions, electricity consumption) can easily be included as environmental data for UBE.

You can also recognize the unlikely behavior of your guests and tourists. This way, you can better plan certain services in advance to save costs and resources.

UBE can also be used independently of oHA. To do this, simply extend your existing website or app with logging for activities or add your existing database. We would be happy to help you with this.


The great help for your business

  • Get precious data about your end-users in oHA, such as guests and tourists
  • Track the activities, events, and preferences of your end users and observe their (online) behavior
  • Compare the behavior of your oHA end users based on the current environmental conditions
  • Create tailor-made offers easily and quickly based on the data you receive from the UBE app
  • Increase your extra sales based on the tailor-made offers
  • Use your resources more efficiently based on the available data and results to reduce unnecessary costs
  • Plan your operational processes and marketing offers based on solid data

Use UBE app in few steps

  • Contact us and send us the information on what purpose you would like to use UBE
    • For oHA and/or to use for your website/app
    • For yourself or for your clients if you are a website agency or app developer
  • We check with you which environmental data are helpful for you and which data is needed for this purpose
  • We then create a model for you using machine learning technologies, which can then be loaded via the UBE app
  • Now you can use the UBE app to get insights from the user behavior or we can create a report for you as an additional service

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