The web app oHA of the Hålogaland region now includes a new feature for easier mobility

The LuxActive Team specialises in developing innovative solutions for smart tourism and mobility as well as for other domains. As part of the H2020-AURORAL Project LuxActive has collaborated with Narvik Kommune and Smart Innovation Norway to create a regional web app that allows users to use independent digital services, including local data from the Hålogaland pilot region. Together with our Norwegian partners we created a regional oHA instance, a web app for tourists that offers a service for local attractions with digital storytelling and an outdoor guiding system. Tourists can also make voluntary donations through the web app oHA to support the maintenance of local attractions and trails. While hiking, they can enjoy the attractions with 360-degree panorama pictures or other interactive content in web app (read more about it here). This summer, a new mobility function for tourists was also added to the web app oHA of Hålogaland region.

Digital Story-Telling and Outdoor Guiding System in oHA

The extended web app oHA of the Hålogaland region

With the web app oHA, tourists can easily find information about the amazing attractions in Halogaland, such as monuments, natural wonders, and cultural historical points. They can also listen to audio/video stories that tell them more about the background and significance of each attraction. Moreover, from the summer of 2023, tourists can see the current arrival times of the bus connections for specific attraction and the nearest bus stop to the attraction. They can also use the navigation mode in the web app to find the way to the bus stop or the desired attraction.


By integrating this new feature, the AURORAL data broker was used to exchange and use local mobility data with the web-app und platform oHA. In this way, we applied the project principles of semantic interoperability and experienced the benefits of data abundance in rural areas. As a technical partner of the H2020-AURORAL project, this approach allowed us to access, share and process data from different sources and formats safely and efficiently. The platform oHA can now offer tourists better insights into regional mobility and bus connections. This integration is currently in a testing phase and later it is planned to be fully released.

Our shared vision for Hålogaland

Together with our project partners, we set up and designed this web app to make the travel experience more enjoyable and convenient. In addition, with oHA, we want to boost the general knowledge about this historical and rural region. The regional web app oHA can be used by tourists on any device with an internet connection. Users don’t need to install anything. oHA also supports the user with the pre-downland function in areas with a poor connection

Just visit Hålogaland oHA instance and web app and start exploring! Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the beauty and culture of Hålogaland with LuxActive’s web app. You will be amazed by what this region has to offer.

Discover Hålogaland region with the Digital Story-Telling and Outdoor Guiding System

Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to explore the stunning attractions in Hålogaland, Norway? Do you want to learn more about the history and culture of one of the AURORAL pilot regions while enjoying the convenience of digital services? If so, you will love to try the new web app oHA, which offers a digital story-telling and outdoor guiding system for local attractions.