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Booking with the web app oHA

Woodridge Luxury Chalets: Bookable champagne with web app oHA
Woodridge Luxury Chalets: Bookable champagne with web app oHA
  • Orders of products, such as products of breakfast baskets, food deliveries, wine sales, or delivery of champagne
  • Reservations of experiences, such as a carriage ride, a massage, or SPA area
  • Requests, e.g., experiences for a specific time and date, which require approval from the oHA provider and can then fix reserved
  • Various payment options, such as online payment, payment on the spot/ by delivery, or  per accumulated invoice at check-out
  • Individual regulations for each type of order/reservation are based on our years of experience. These cover practically all complex order processes: e.g., limitation of days bookable in advance, minimal contingent, the maximal number of orders for a specific date, contingent available for a specific date and time, schedules, request dates in predefined schedules, starting time and ending time of a serial booking as well as much more
  • Booking/rental of the additional products, such as the bike helmet, which can be rented together with the e-bike, but is also available as a separate product
  • Actual tax rates can be set for each product
  • Lists for suppliers based on the actual orders: e.g., for breakfast basket orders, different order lists are automatically generated for each supplier (for the baker, farm store, internal) and also made available as PDF. This help, on the one hand, with the internal organization of orders and, on the other hand, with the preparation of the breakfast basket for each guest/room
  • Integration of external suppliers, such as ski schools, sports rental, or catering The accommodation provider has no additional effort with booking for external providers or suppliers since orders are placed directly by the external providers, and the process is atomized. This reduces the workload of the internal employees, offers an extended guest service, and the external provider benefits from more sales and bookings
  • Many easy-to-use views and user frameworks of incoming orders, like order overview or room overview with open invoices, including notification via e-mail of incoming orders or additional guest questions about an order
  • Auto-confirmation, manual confirmation, cancellation, and communication with the guest about an order
  • Statistics to quickly filter out slow sellers from hot sellers
  • Widget generator to provide bookings for guests also on your own website or on a website of the partner business (e.g., sports rental) against commissions
  • Voucher codes in different versions ( discount fixed amount, discount percentage amount), which the guest can enter in an extra field while ordering. Voucher codes are generated and exported in the management tool and system oHA Base. Conditions, such as minimum order value and voucher validity time, can be individually defined. Codes entered by the guest are automatically checked in the oHA web app
  • Legally compliant order due to applicable DSGVO (including the cancellation policy)
  • Our experience shows that a company with 10-20 entities receives, on average, 400 orders per month, which oHA processes

Much more than just a regular guest folder

  • All information about the accommodation and stay is in a digital guest folder (A-Z).
  • News with PDF upload and in-app push notifications e.g., daily news or changed circumstances (canceled events, current COVID situation, closed roads or ski lifts)
  • Events with a time-based search function (e.g., today, tomorrow, in a week), possible trips in destinations, gastronomy, live GPS navigation for cross-country ski trails, cycling, and hiking tours. More than 300,000 top up-to-date activities and POIs from Austrian tourism databases with GPS navigation to the POIs
  • Each oHA provider decides for itself which data should actually be displayed (blacklisting and whitelisting of data from tourism databases is possible)
  • Creation and management of own activities and services (e.g., in-house massages, gastronomy, events, tours with live GPS navigation, etc.) is easily possible via a comfortable editor.
  • Time settings and management function for the publication of news and activities (on which day and at which time they will be published to the oHA and then be hidden again)
  • Automatic weather forecast
  • Widget generator to automatically display up-to-date information from oHA on your own website or the website of an external provider. In addition to various customizable widgets, we also offer an API (interface) for sophisticated websites. As a result, all information only needs to be added and edited once in oHA Base, oHA's management tool. This saves time and avoids unnecessary mistakes
  • Smart search with the use of artificial intelligence. Provides suggestions for search results and considers current location (around the chalet or touristic entity, specific location, or guest's current location). This function allows oHA to be used even during excursions or after the stay
Woodridge Luxury Chalets: All information about the stay available in the web app oHA
Woodridge Luxury Chalets: All information about the stay available in the web app oHA

What Woodridge says about us...

LuxActive, your reliable partner

  • Branding (flyer for posting)

  • Design drafts based on years of experience

  • Training and initial filling of oHA content based on your products and services

  • Ongoing content support

  • Personal support

  • Consulting and coaching in the digitization
Woodridge Luxury Chalets: oHA reduces the workload on the reception desk and helps to avoid any mistakes
Woodridge Luxury Chalets: oHA reduces the workload on the reception desk and helps to avoid any mistakes