As a guest at the Woodridge Luxury Chalets in Werfenweng

Ordering and online filling of the breakfast baskets

Woodridge Luxury Chalets: Bookable breakfast basket via web app oHA
Woodridge Luxury Chalets: Bookable breakfast basket via web app oHA

Guests of Woodridge Luxury Chalets enjoy a range of exclusive digital services with the oHA web app. Guests receive an individual invite link for the oHA web app directly with the booking confirmation of their stay. They can thus plan their activities and place orders for their stay even before arrival.

The special ordering of the breakfast baskets:

On the first morning after arrival, guests receive an organic breakfast basket with delicacies from local providers (e.g., farms). The breakfast basket is placed at the door of the chalet. This is included in the price of the overnight stay and is refilled every morning - according to the guest's wishes. The guest places the digital order via oHA by 11:00 am the day before. Some products are free of charge. Others have to be paid extra. An order, so the breakfast basket, will be brought to the chalet on the next day and daily between 08:00 and 08:30.

After all, orders have been received from the guests by 11:00 am, oHA generates a separate order list per supplier/staff of Woodridge Luxury Chalets, which they forward to the regional baker and farms. An internal list of own products is also generated with the help of oHA for the employees. Once the delivery is complete, the staff of Woodridge Luxury Chalets prepares the breakfast baskets according to the oHA system without any problems. Products that have to be paid for are written on the chalet and then conveniently billed to the guest during check-out. With oHA Base - the oHA management tool - the staff have an overview of all chalets and thus always have all open bills in front of them.

This helps avoid paperwork in the Woodridge Luxury Chalets, and guests can conveniently order breakfast and more services from anywhere.


All for the guest in one web app oHA

Many orders, such as massages, wine/champagne, ribs, and fondue, are processed in the Woodridge Luxury Chalets with oHA.

Guests also receive all important information about their stay on the oHA web app. This includes news with push notifications about, e.g., closed ski lifts/hiking trails. Also, events, as well as cycling and hiking tours, are available through the databases of local tourism boards and other data sources. In addition to self-entered data, these are AI-supported and easy to find for the guest.

In addition, smart home and lighting control are also controlled with oHA. For example, smart home functions enable control of certain living room lamps or adjust the color values and brightness in different rooms for a perfect evening.

Werfenweng offers overnight guests a points guest card fully integrated into oHA (see guest cards). This means that guests of Woodridge Luxury Chalets can purchase their guest cards online directly through oHA and then use its points for numerous activities in the region. Furthermore, the staff of the Woodridge Luxury Chalets has no additional work with the selling point cards, as this is processed fully automatically via the tourism association and the partner businesses. The Woodridge Luxury Chalet thus offers its guests a fully integrated service from the region and with oHA.

Also, other businesses, such as a local ski school, can be integrated into oHA as external third partners. Guests are then able to book services from the ski school directly via oHA without involving the staff at the reception. This reduces the workload of the  Woodridge-team.

Online ordering of Woodridge Luxury Chalet vouchers via oHA will also be possible. In addition to the booking option via oHA, also bookable widgets generated in oHA Base will be integrated into the Woodridge Luxury Chalets website.

The guests are more satisfied at the end of the stay due to the premium service available 24/7 in multiple languages. oHA saves the staff of the Woodridge Luxury Chalets a lot of time in day-to-day processes and, at the same time, increases sales with additional products and services that guests can directly book.

More information about Woodridge Luxury Chalet is available at The web app oHA is available at For more information about the points guest card we implemented for Werfenweng region, click here.

Carolyne O`Brien, Managing Director of the Woodridge Luxury Chalets about oHA